“Thalassa Campaign”Learn, Act, Protect ... - European Commission

site, entitled www.thalassapedia.gr, has been designed and launched, including all ... Tiletheatis, in RealNews Bazaar, in Geo and in 3 different issues of the ...

“Thalassa Campaign”Learn, Act, Protect ... - European Commission - Σχετικά Έγγραφα

“Thalassa Campaign”Learn, Act, Protect ... - European Commission


site, entitled www.thalassapedia.gr, has been designed and launched, including all ... Tiletheatis, in RealNews Bazaar, in Geo and in 3 different issues of the ...

protect our european outdoor bronze monuments - UNIWA Open ...


1.3.: Statue of Constantine Paleologos IA' , at Mitropoleos square.It was made by Sp. Goggakis at 1989. Credit. Municipality of Athens, Department of Traditional ...

European social statistics - European Commission - European Union


Cristina Munteanu, Ivana Slaharova, Malgorzata Stadnik, Orestis. Tsigkas, Paolo ... lation growth (see population structure and population change statistics).

10117 Berlin Commission e - European Commission - Europa EU


7 May 2009 ... 1 PROCEDURE. 1). In December 2008 the Special Financial Market Stabilisation Fund. (Sonderfonds Finanzmarktstabilisierung - "SoFFin") ...

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3 πόλεις, η Φλωρεντία, η Reggio Calabria και η Τριέστη, δεν διέθεταν κανενός είδους επεξεργασία για μέρος των λυμάτων τους. Στη Φλωρεντία, προβλέπεται η ...

Cycling accident fact sheet - European Commission - European Union


Bicycle fatalities make up 8% of the total number of road accident fatalities in 2016 in ... and Germany (12%). In contrast, e.g. in Greece, Spain and France cyclists ... event with an action started too early, before a signal was given or required ...

2020 Draft General Budget - European Commission - European Union


The 2020 Draft Budget is accompanied by twelve 'Working Documents', as follows: ... It is a user-driven programme offering six free-of charge services to ... The selected fund manager(s) must raise at least three times as much from other ... in sport diplomacy and a report on developments of the transfer in the football.

European Economic Forecast – Spring 2019 - European Commission


22 May 2019 ... 3.9% of GDP in 2017 to 3.2% in 2020, largely mirroring the fall in the merchandise trade surplus. Despite the slowing of economic growth, ...

The Dadia Forest Reserve - European Commission - European Union


In the ensuing years, the efforts of WWF Greece's local unit, along with the strong support of a multitude of local actors, have catalytically contributed to the ...

Your social security rights - European Commission - European Union


Also, there is a pilot programme of minimum guaranteed income that will be implemented in Greece, initially ... 15123 Μαρουσι, Αθηνα. National Organisation for ...

Meat MO Economic Board - European Commission - European Union


14 Jun 2019 ... Meat Market Observatory (Meat MO) took place on 14 June 2019, with the ... o For beef and veal, discussions showed that the. EU beef market ...

Hate Speech Bulgaria - European Commission - European Union


Mapping Out the National Context of Online Hate Speech in Bulgaria. R E P O R T. Compiled ... BNT1, bTV and Nova TV, and TV programs linked to political ...

Natura 2000 Seminars - European Commission - European Union


8 Jul 2014 ... Under the auspices of: Mediterranean Seminar. 26 – 28 May 2014, Makedonia Palace Hotel, Thessaloniki, Greece. Kick-off Seminar Report ...

Free movement of goods - European Commission - European Union


(44) Joined Cases C-158/04 and C-159/04 Alfa Vita Vassilopoulos and Carrefour-Marinopoulos [2006] ECR ... tually blocking market access. ... (224) Case C-418/02 Praktiker Bau- und Heimwerkermärkte [2005] ECR I-5873, paragraph 34.

IV/34466 Ð Greek Ferri - European Commission - European Union


Lines, of Piraeus, Greece (hereinafter Strintzis',. Anek Lines, of Hania, Crete, Greece (hereinafter. Anek'), Marlines SA, of Piraeus, Greece. (hereinafter Marlines') ...

English Style Guide - European Commission - European Union


12 Dec 2019 ... Ако [от деянието са настъпили значителни вредни последици] или [е извършено от лице, което заема отговорно служебно положение], ...

ESLC - Technical Report - European Commission - European Union


initiated by the Commission with the aim that: 'the results collected will enable the establishment of a European Indicator of Language Competence and will ...

Site Master File - European Commission - European Union


manufacturing sites located outside of the EU/EEA. Page 5. 5 of 8. - Information of activities for which the site is accredited ...

Natura 2000 και δάση - European Commission - European Union


για δράση) και ένα για τη δράση για το κλίμα (περίπου 700 εκατ. EUR). ... Η συντονισμένη δράση στο επίπεδο μιας ομάδας ... Pulsatilla vulgaris ssp. gotlandica (II).

The OLAF Report 2018 - European Commission - European Union


university in the French Caribbean Islands, ... permission, the so-called “agro-pirate” cases, or for ... recommendation to Greek customs to recover the sum ... Online. Information about the European Union in all the official languages of the EU is ...

European Economic Forecast. Spring 2018 - European Commission


23 Apr 2018 ... EU. European Union. EA euro area. BE. Belgium. BG. Bulgaria. CZ. Czech Republic. DK. Denmark. DE. Germany. EE. Estonia. IE. Ireland. EL.

Match-fixing in sport - European Commission - European Union


18 matches ... The purpose of this study is to illustrate how corruption in sport, ... The National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) opened investigations on 18.

European Economic Forecast Spring 2015 - European Commission


21 Apr 2015 ... Real GDP growth in 2015 and 2016, EU and Member States. 25 ... summer 2013 peaks. ... have no access to capital markets and rely solely on.

Download native rendition - European Commission - European Union


SM. E s, M illio n s. Employment in SMEs. Employment in large enterprises ... SME employment and value added for Greece can be calculated only for limited ... enterprises is constituted by solo-entrepreneurs, Fritsch, Kritikos and Sorgner, ...

European Platform for Roma inclusion - European Commission


27 Nov 2017 ... Ms Eleftheria Koumalatsou. Klimaka NGO, Greece. Erika Rozália Kovacs ... Larisa Lacauts. Salvation Army. Joan Munch. Salvation Army.

list of participants - European Commission - European Union


11 Dec 2019 ... FERSINO Vincenzo. CIHEAM. France. FIEVEZ G.F.. MGP Group ... KIOKAKI Kalliopi. 5th High School of Glyfada, Athens. Greece. KIS Máté.

European Defence Industrial Development ... - European Commission


4 Jul 2019 ... Such cooperation shall take place in line with defence capability priorities ... Holargos — Athens ... debriefing on relinquishing my appointment.

European social statistics - European Commission - Europa EU


Cristina Munteanu, Ivana Slaharova, Malgorzata Stadnik, Orestis. Tsigkas, Paolo ... lation growth (see population structure and population change statistics).

Justice and Consumers - European Commission - European Union


26 Sep 2019 ... Mega Disposables. (Greece). Babylino Sensitive nappies – kind to baby's skin. Greek company Mega is one of the largest manufacturers of ...

C(2015)8182/F1 - European Commission - European Union


RESPECT OF TRADE IN GOODS ARE APPLIED. ANNEX 21-01 ... Certificates bearing older versions of the notes on the back of the form may also be ... (1)] δηλώνει ότι, εκτός εάν δηλώνεται σαφώς άλλως, τα προϊόντα αυτά είναι προτιμησιακής.

company car taxation - European Commission - European Union


Company cars are defined as passenger light-duty vehicles, which companies lease or own and which employees use for their personal and business travel1.

Society EU Research for a - European Commission - European Union


30 Apr 2016 ... tion of shear thickening fluids, ceramic coatings, dila- tant powders, carbide nanoparticles ... Dr. Antonios Ramfos. E-mail : [email protected]

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The information given is free, as are most calls (though some operators, phone ... (SOs) and result indicators including EU co-financing, ESF or also ERDF; ... Specialised body for conducting projects, allowing the transfer of expertise to ...

Key Success Factors - European Commission - European Union


31 Dec 2013 ... It also aimed to identify the success factors of each programme, as well as the level and ... in the Software. Academy were directly hired in Telerik immediately upon completion, while over ... για άνεργους νέους ανάλογα με τα.

Riga Declaration - European Commission - European Union


6 Mar 2015 ... Today Europe is taking a decisive step towards the future of aviation. The. European aviation community gathered in Riga to exchange views ...