ridomil gold 480sl - Syngenta Canada

30 Jul 2019 ... LABEL. Page 2. Approved RIDOMIL GOLD 480SL 28474 2019-07-30. Page 2 of 20. NOTICE TO USER. This pest control product is to be used ...

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ridomil gold 480sl - Syngenta Canada


30 Jul 2019 ... LABEL. Page 2. Approved RIDOMIL GOLD 480SL 28474 2019-07-30. Page 2 of 20. NOTICE TO USER. This pest control product is to be used ...

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ΚΑΤΟΧΟΣ ΕΓΚΡΙΣΗΣ: Syngenta Hellas A.E.B.E.. Ανθούσα, Αττικής, Τηλ.: 210 6666612-13 www.syngenta.gr. ΘΕΣ/ΚΗ: ΒΙ.ΠΕ. Θ. Σίνδος, Τηλ.: 231 0796940-3 ...

Ridomil Gold EC


once, unopened, and the purchase price will be refunded. ... Ridomil Gold EC is a systemic fungicide for use on selected crops to control certain diseases ...

Ridomil Gold SL


once, unopened, and the purchase price will be refunded. ... Ridomil Gold SL is a systemic fungicide for use on selected crops to control certain diseases ...

2585 Ridomil Gold MZ 68 WG.pdf


Μυκητοκτóνο κατά του περονοσπóρου στις καλλιέργειες: αµπελιού, πατάτας, καπνού, τοµάτας, αγγουριού, πεπονιού, µαρουλιού (υπαίθρου) και κρεµµυδιού ...

2722 Ridomil Gold 48SL.pdf


24 Ιουλ. 2008 ... Στόχος γıα τον οποίο προορίζεταı: Διασυστηµατικó µυκητοκτóνο για την καταπολέµηση µυκήτων του γένους Pythium και. Phytophthora που ...

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unopened, and the purchase price will be refunded. ... Ridomil Gold SL is a systemic fungicide for use on selected crops to control certain diseases caused by ...

Παράρτημα Όροι έγκρισης του σκευάσματος RIDOMIL GOLD 48SL ...


24 Ιουλ. 2008 ... Στόχος για τον οποίο προορίζεται: ∆ιασυστηματικό μυκητοκτόνο για την καταπολέμηση μυκήτων του γένους Pythium και. Phytophthora που ...

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Ridomil Gold MZ WG is a dry flowable containing 0.04 lbs. of ... If the terms are not acceptable, return the product at once, unopened, and the purchase price will.

DUAL GOLD 96 EC - Syngenta Hellas


Mετρίως ευαίσθητα: Aγριοπιπεριά ((Polygonum persicaria), Kίτρινη κύπερη (Cyperus es- culentus), Στελλάρια (Stellaria media), Λουβουδιά (Chenopodium ...

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1 Mar 2019 ... SWITCH® is a trademark of a Syngenta Group Company. Page 5. Approved SWITCH 62.5 WG Fungicide 28189 2019-03-01. Page 5 of 24.

Switch MSDS - Syngenta Canada


Have the product container, label or Material Safety Data Sheet with you when calling Syngenta, a poison control center or doctor, or going for treatment. Tell the ...

Fine gold particles and gold dust in alluvial autochthonous placers ...


Native gold particles with a low settling velocity, <5–10 cm/s, such as dust (<0.1 mm) and fine flat particles, are transported with a river stream beyond denudation ...

China's Gold Market: Progress and Prospects - World Gold Council


this competes with high fashion products in 18 carat gold but the two are distinct markets, with completely different price points. More costly, branded costume ...

How to Add to a Waitlist on GOLD Step 1) Find a class on GOLD you ...


But you can still add to the time stamped waitlist! Step 2) Select a course by clicking on the “Waitlist” button. *to add yourself to a LAB waitlist, please make sure ...

1.53 Million oz @ 11.80 g/t gold A RAPIDLY ... - Bellevue Gold


BELLEVUE GOLD PROJECT | WESTERN AUSTRALIA ... May 2019 - Sydney Resource Roundup Conference ... the resurgence in gold price in recent times.

ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD! Before buying gold dust in ...


The U.S. embassy in Freetown warns all Americans engaging in gold dust transactions in. Sierra Leone to exercise extreme caution before handing over any ...

Neoclassical Architecture in Canada - Parks Canada History


Neoclassicism drew its inspiration from the architectural remains of ancient Greece and. Rome, and from theories in design current in eighteenth century Europe.

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Available from: http://oasis-lmc.org/?section= software&swid=1 ... Wild game, large ... Oral LOEL (rats) = 11 mg/kg-bw per day based on increased incidence of.

Film Gold Coast - Location and Studio Guide - City of Gold Coast


Gold Coast is a place where the 'have a go' spirit has ... online location library visit: screenqld.reel-scout.com ... series, feature films, movies of the week, pilots,.

Item Description Nescafe GOLD Range NESCAFE GOLD ORIGINAL ...



QuantiFERON® TB Gold In tube QuantiFERON® TB Gold Plus


Disclaimers - QuantiFERON-TB Gold Plus (QFT Plus). 2. QFT-Plus is CE-IVD marked and FDA approved. It will be available in the US this fall. QFT-Plus is an in ...

For Gold & Glory™ For Gold & Glory - pcode


advanced version of the game in mind but with minimal changes can be used with original or classic rules or ... Sword Expertise: When using short or long swords, elves get a ... region there can only be 9 full druids, 3 arch-druids, and 1 great ... Embroidered. 20 gp. Sandals. 5 cp. Sash. 2 sp. Shoes. 1 gp. Silk jacket. 80 gp.

AA nn oo tt ee oo nn mm ee tt hh oo dd ss - Syngenta Foundation


oo rr ii nn gg. ;; tt rr aa vv ee ll aa cc cc oo uu nn tt ss. ,, aa nn dd oo rr aa ll hh ii ss tt oo rr yy. Historical p h oto-monitoring has become an im p o rtant research ...

20/7.5 WG - Syngenta Hellas


τον έλεγχο ετήσιων αγρωστωδών και πλατύφυλλων ζιζανίων σε μαλακό, σκληρό σιτάρι, τριτικάλε και σίκαλη. ΦΥΛΑΞΤΕ ΤΟ ΚΛΕΙΔΩΜΕΝΟ ΜΑΚΡΙΑ ΑΠΟ ΠΑΙΔΙΑ.

105 OD - Syngenta Hellas


Λ. Ανθούσας, Ανθούσα Αττικής, 153 49. Τηλ.: 210 6666612-13 - www.syngenta.gr. ΘΕΣ/ΚΗ: ΒΙ.ΠΕ. Θ. Σίνδος, Τηλ.: 231 0796940-3. 105 OD. •Πολύ τοξικό για.

score 25 ec - Syngenta


12 Sep 2017 ... P501 Eliminar el contenido/el recipiente en una instalación. Page 3. FICHA DE DATOS DE SEGURIDAD de acuerdo al Reglamento (CE) No.

10 litres - Syngenta


Product registration number: MAPP 18208. ORTIVA Opti® is a suspension concentrate formulation containing 80 g/l azoxystrobin and 400 g/l chlorothalonil.

500 ml - Syngenta Hellas


Φάσμα δράσης: Τομάτα (Α): Για Αλτερναρίωση (Alternaria solani), Κλαδοσπορίωση (Fulvia fulva). 100 κ.εκ./στρέμμα (max) ή 100 κ.εκ. /100 λίτρα ψεκ. υγρού, ...

Switch - Syngenta


Switch, 1. Switch. Fungizid gegen Botrytis und Monilia im Wein-, Obst- und Gemüsebau sowie in Zierpflanzen und gegen. Schneeschimmel im Rasen.

Six in One Syngenta in Switzerland


Strong roots in Switzerland: Syngenta is a ... www.agrimage.ch, Historical Archive Syngenta AG,. Corporate Archive ... almost as big as Greece. See how The ...

SWITCH® - Syngenta


10. März 2020 ... SWITCH ist ein Fungizid zur Bekämpfung von Botrytis cinerea, Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, Brennfleckenkrankheit und Pilzlichen Lagerfäulen in.

Scholar SC - Syngenta


Greece. 0.4 EU. Slovakia. 0.4 EU. Guatemala. 0.4 Codex. Slovenia. 0.4 EU ... Scholar® and the Syngenta logo are trademarks of a Syngenta Group Company.

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SWITCH ® 62,5 WG. 1.2 Fabricante. Syngenta Crop Protection Monthey AG., Suiza. PO Box 273,. Route de líle au Bois, Monthey CH-1870 / Exwold Technology.

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13 Jun 2019 ... 1907/2006. KARATE ZEON. Versión. 12.3 ... Nombre comercial. : KARATE ZEON ... C/ Ribera del Loira 8-10, 3ª planta. 28042 Madrid. España.

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21 Feb 2017 ... SCORE® 250 EC es un fungicida sistémico, recomendado para el control de Venturia, Oidio y otras enfermedades en pomáceas (manzana ...