The social value of Dionysiac ritual - jstor

On the other hand, the κώμος and phallic ritual, from which comedy is thought to have developed, were prominent fea tures of the Rural Dionysia of the Attic ...

The social value of Dionysiac ritual - jstor - Σχετικά Έγγραφα

The social value of Dionysiac ritual - jstor

On the other hand, the κώμος and phallic ritual, from which comedy is thought to have developed, were prominent fea tures of the Rural Dionysia of the Attic ...

The Social Ritual of Hospitality in The Odyssey - Digital Window ...

stops being a suppliant (ἱκέτης), and becomes a guest (ξένος). Before he ... the extension of Alcinous' hand transforms Odysseus from ἱκέτης to ξένος. As ξενία ...

A Social Semiotic Study of Online Comments on Underwear Ritual ...

Taiwo (2016) even claims that. Nairaland is Nigeria‟s largest online forum and discussion portal. Presently, the website has 2,194,296 members, 4,784,812 topics ...

Poe's Ape of UnReason: Humor, Ritual, and Culture - jstor

3 See "About Critics and Criticism," in Edgar Allan Poe, Essays and Reviews, ed. G. R. Thompson (New York: Library of America, 1984), p. 1,039; and "Notice of.

Ritual and Drama in Aischyleian Tragedy - jstor

Professor Murray claimed to have discovered in Greek tragedy exten remnants of a ... until in the final epode hardly anything is left except echoing moans:.

The Ritual Baths Near the Temple Mount and Extra ... - jstor

underground bath.3 Near the south-western corner of the Temple Mount, in the vicinity of Robinson's ... Maimonides Hilkhot bet Hamiqdash. 5:4-5), whereas R.

animating statues: a case study in ritual - jstor

1992 book, Christopher Faraone heightened our appreciation of Greek and ... the other with reference to statues described in the Greek magical papyri ... sprinkling chrism. That is, the physical s when a previously sacred subs with it. ... 1983. Steiner, Deborah Tarn. 2001. Images in Mind : Statue sical Greek Literature and ...

Power, Ideology and the Ritual of Production in Lowland ... - jstor

FERNANDO SANTOS GRANERO. London School of Economics. The political power of Amazonian shaman-chiefs is embedded in economic processes, for they.

the purification of the body in tantric ritual representation - jstor

as the OM SLÀM PRTHIVYAI HUM PHAT corresponding to the earth element, which are ... body) from the soles of the feet to the head. He should (repeat the ...

The Power of the Secret Ritual: Theoretical Formulations from ... - jstor

outward conformity with orthodox Brahmanical form tions concerning purity, harbors a secret obsession w power, an obsession that leads him to perform a series.

Imported Exotica and Mortuary Ritual at Perati in Late Helladic ... - jstor

1 Jan 2018 ... from the cemetery at Perati in Attica likewise indicate ... toms.” AJA 52(1):56–81. Nakassis, D. 2013. Individuals and Society in Mycenaean Py-.

Social Constructionism and Social Theory - jstor

Social Constructionism and Social Theory*. STEPHEN TURNER. University of South Florida. The major emphasis of the "sociology of scientific knowledge" has ...

Cultural Conflict and Cult Ritual in LeRoi Jones's "The Toilet" - jstor

The Toilet is a realistic play which examines the interaction of the black and white ... W.E.B. DuBois described in 1903 as the Negro's double consciousness-his ... however, the audience also knows that Ray Foots has played it cool in front of.

Men's Time and Women's Time: History, Myth, and Ritual at a ... - jstor

The Ritual Journey. Pilgrimage to Tinos occurs all year round, but it is most intense during the summer months, particularly at the time of the festival of the Dor-.

AIDS and Social Change - jstor

playing sexual "Russian roulette" by putting his life on the line, you might ask why any gay male would want to have any sex with any other non-monogamous ...

Latina/o Social Ethics - jstor

Anthony Campolo, Ron Sider, and Jim Wallis. De La Torre faults these the ologians for the ways in which their moral thinking participates in the oppres sion and ...

Semantic Mining of Social Networks Semanti Social N Seman Social

shows several ineww researchers who have no paper (or only few papers) published at KDD. iCorrelation between Researchersw Based on the learned NTT ...

Death and Social Change in Greece - jstor

Death Ritual in Greece ... between two views of death in Greek communities, one of which sees death as ... may note the occupation as well as the name of the.

From [“Political Ethics”] to [“Social Philosophy”]: The Need for ... - jstor

these lectures, to which I refer in what follows as the ineww Lectures in China, clears the ground. Tese notes could also be complemented by other sources.

The Social Meanings of Swearing: Workers and Bad ... - jstor

Russia, for reasons of public decency and censorship, the pub- lishing of swear words was absolutely forbidden. The easing of censorship which accompanied ...

The Social Organization of the Common Vampire Bat: II ... - jstor

groups of adult female vampire bats can be defined on the basis of sharing a ... Harris H, Hopkinson DA (1978) Handbook of enzyme electro- phoresis in human ...

Novel Readings: The Social Organization of Interpretation - jstor

8. "Novels of Today: Masquerading in Many Forms." 1966. National. Observer, August 8, p. 21. 9. Review. 1966. Newsweek, July 4, p. 90. 10. Shrapnel, Norman.

The Stranger: An Essay in Social Psychology - jstor

THE STRANGER: AN ESSAY IN SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY. ALFRED SCHUETZ. ABSTRACT. The cultural pattern peculiar to a social group functions for its ...

Buena Vista Social Club - jstor

Wim portrait Wender's' of a master Buena class Vista in Social Cuban Club music'. ... music, represented by the concert performance of the song 'Chan Chan'.

Stasis and Kairos: Principles of Social Construction in ... - jstor

As these scholars suggest, the principles of stasis and kairos belie the reputation of ... in the art of rhetoric but "in the rhetorical situation" out of which grow ...

Middle Cycladic iconography: a social context for 'A new ... - jstor

'A new chapter in Aegean Art" ... Aegean as indicated by exports of such vases to Crete,11. Kea,12 and the Greek ... πίσω από την απεικόνιση του χελιδονιού στη.

Social Structure and Exchange: Self-Confirming Dynamics in ... - jstor

his or her social connections. Depending on the nature of ... One could easily motivate the behavior described below by ... Movie Database ( and the weekly box office list ... viewing and distributors in the positive word of mouth elicit.

“I'm Not a Social Worker”: An Information Service Model for ... - jstor

Simply viewing these patrons as “survivor” or “victim” or even “supplicant” sets up a po- tential mismatch between the librarian's understanding of the patron- ...

Islamization and Social Policy in Pakistan: The Constitutional ... - jstor

necessary amendments would be made [by Zia] before the elections." ... of space, plus a photograph of about 5 x 8 inches showing a group of young women ...

Going up? Do Traits and Informal Social Processes Predict ... - jstor

which I could develop, manage, and coordinate the pol- icies and activities of a work area (if you are a nonman- ager) or a more substantial area (if you are a ...

The Social Characterizations of Price: The Fool, the Faithful ... - jstor

a frivolous consumer, the consumers themselves might not attribute such character ... be "playing the fool" in order to criticize the current state of societal play. At ... War II era, today they "dress down" to cheer and root, root, root for the home.

Pastoral Transhumance in the Southern Balkans as a Social ... - jstor

other regions of the world, notably sub-. Saharan ... 688 AMERICAN ANTHROPOLOGIST [95,1993] these data ... and held a special place in modemrn Greek.

the evolution of the social role of the oglala heyoka - jstor

hey oka crazies. The historical heyoka cult has been described by Dorsey (1894), Wissler (1912),.

Emile Durkheim's Theory of Social Organization - jstor

Durkheim'sfailure to analyze power and inequality extensively, the contours of an important ecological theory are nonetheless evident. By converting the causal ...

Paidagogos: The Social Setting of a Pauline Metaphor - jstor

Zopyrus did not differ in any way from the other slaves (o'Uv rt rao. ,XXov &8tcpov' o6Xov).6. Most of the pedagogues were of foreign origin-the spoils of war,.

An Analysis of Skinhead Websites and Social Networks, A ... - jstor

adapted the culture and style of the Skinhead movement resulting in a diverse subculture. During the 1990s, Marshall (1994; 1997) dis- cussed the diversity of ...