FP7-285556 SafeCity Project - CORDIS

4.2.4 APP4 - Heterogeneous Data Streaming and Storage . ... encapsulates common functionalities needed to access the serial ports. ... captured from city surveillance cameras and effectively analyzed to ... Rafina and Nea Makri.

FP7-285556 SafeCity Project - CORDIS - Σχετικά Έγγραφα

FP7-285556 SafeCity Project - CORDIS


4.2.4 APP4 - Heterogeneous Data Streaming and Storage . ... encapsulates common functionalities needed to access the serial ports. ... captured from city surveillance cameras and effectively analyzed to ... Rafina and Nea Makri.

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26 Feb 2015 ... gas emissions rather than adaption (e.g. flooding, heat island effects) due to the ... other European projects such as: INTARESE, HEIMTSA, CAFE, EnVIE, ... the municipalities of Eukarpia (51%), Stavroupoli (37%), Evosmos.

Seventh Framework Programme Collaborative Project ... - Cordis


4.2 The Asset Adapter (RF) . ... Coffee, juice, and snacks were always ... Some warnings occurred during conversion of VBR mp3 - this format is not fully ...

agforward project final report - Cordis - Europa


28 Feb 2018 ... http: www.tovoion.com news tovoion-tv- - - - - - 1. (part B), and on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCaSqwQdT5s. 11 Jul 2014 Greece. CivS.

Wi-Shoe project consortium: • CyRIC – Cyprus Research ... - Cordis


Biomechanical Solutions (www.bme.gr). • Apollon Limassol FC (www.apollon.com.cy). • ANIMUS Recovery & Rehabilitation Centre (www.animus.com.gr).

Microsoft Project Server 2010 Project Manager's Guide for Project ...


Server 2010 through the Project Web App Server Settings page. You can download the Microsoft Project Server 2010 Administrator's Guide in .docx, .pdf, or .xps ...

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LIFE10. ENV/GR/000610 http://uest.ntua.gr/iswm- tinos/. 01-OCT-. 2011 to 31-. JUL -2015. GR-NTUA. Project Manager: Tasos. VIDALIS. Tel: 30 22833 60133.

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Dimitris Beis, Ph.D. George P Chrousos MD, MACP, MACE. Katia Karalis MD, Ph.D. Elias S. Manolakos, Ph.D. Stamatis N. Pagakis, Ph.D. Irini Skaliora, Ph.D.

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7 Jun 2013 ... played out media stream, in order to keep in sync with other devices ... description / alternative language track and multi-language subtitling.

Project Website and project identity by UNR (PU) - DOMUS PROJECT


31 Jan 2018 ... This deliverable describes the DOMUS project identity, consisting of project logo, website, ... 2.4.7 Other features of Partner restricted area .

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that no management strategy can be proposed without taking into account the ... were selected for assessment and subsequent analysis: El Hondo lagoon ... 5) To establish a network of scientists, authorities and local communities within the ... The market value of this area, assuming a price per Feddan of EGP 100,000, is.

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13 Jan 2012 ... works (PFLDNET 2006), Nara, Japan, February 2006. ... ΚΑΜΙΑ. Other : Άιιε, δειώζηε: 7) * Πόζν ζπρλά ρξεζηκνπνηείηε ειεθηξνληθέο εθαξκνγέο ...

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the summer school students were introduced to current knowledge and ... behind this robot was: Melvin Gauci, Kees Voesenek, Elsa Quicazan, Camilla Jelen, ...

TALOS_Final Report_v4 - Cordis - Europa


HAI. Athanasios Poulakidas. Email: [email protected] Israel Aerospace Industries. IAI. Yael Ben Dror. Email: [email protected] ITTI Sp. z o.o..

D.13.1.3 FI-WARE GE Open Specification - Cordis


offers "Security by Design" through a declarative API, where the application ... Application data types of C/C application are described using macros which ... Whats up? ... "ra":210.5637, "rb":47.5657, "rg":6.9698, //Accellerometer information.

Report on the i infrastructure rt on the implementation of ... - CORDIS


ide user's home, supermarket,. (WAN) that manages data in e networks must communicate must be guaranteed by rerouting messages if a device omatically ...

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17 Oct 2011 ... navigator computes the new route and re-routes the taxi to Tsimiski Str., ... Destinator or a dedicated GPS device from MLS series with Internet ...

Europeana Fashion Thesaurus v1 - Cordis


... will be completed, a great effort will be made to deliver as many concepts as ... of ribbon, velvet, flowers, or threads of silk, worn in the hair, on a cap, or dress.

ACTIVE Deliverable template - Cordis


1 Aug 2014 ... [DPR00]. A. Dandalis, V. Prasanna, and J. Rolim. An Adaptive ... 2014]. [IVML]. IVML team, IVML Language Specification, http://projects.sse.uni-.

Early Pilot Site Deployment - Cordis


20 May 2016 ... rg/opendaylight/integration/distribution-karaf/0.3.2-Lithium- ... install openjdk-7-jre wget http://apache.forthnet.gr/cassandra/2.2.4/apache-cassandra-2.2.4- bin.tar.gz tar -zxvf ... nfs app status: running. The service can be ...

Deliverable D6.2: DISSEMINATION REPORT 2 Mobility ... - Cordis


8 Mar 2011 ... News about MODAP Conference was reported in a large number of national and ... N. Pelekis, A. Gkoulalas-Divanis, M. Vodas, D. Kopanaki, ...

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18 Dec 2015 ... Raise awareness on the project activities at EU and international level. • Disseminate the ... Brigitte Baumann, Switzerland (Go Beyond Ltd).

TALOS_Final Report_v4 - Cordis - European Union


HAI. Athanasios Poulakidas. Email: [email protected] Israel Aerospace Industries. IAI. Yael Ben Dror. Email: [email protected] ITTI Sp. z o.o..

216217 P2P-Next Deliverable number 2.1.1e Requirement ... - Cordis


provides comprehensive OPEX/CAPEX analyses of P2P and alternative delivery ... important sport events with local competitors – from just a few users to ten ...

Supervised Implementation of Sustainable Urban Transport ... - Cordis


Municipality of Halandri, page 20-21: ... Traffic wardens can simply read off the ... bus lines, the improvement of the operational character of the bus services and ...

EnTEC FINAL REPORT 01/01/2013 – 30/06/2016 - Cordis


16 Jun 2016 ... Radioactivity Laboratory station in Athens, Greece (ACTRIS ... around the clock measurements at 4 baseline observatories and 8 tall towers, air.

D6.2 Development and simulation of adaptive water price ... - Cordis


Even a very detailed study of General Motors on automobile demand ends, somewhat ... Value: -0,42; -0,433. data for one city: Kozani. Research in period ...

ICT-248891 STP FREEDOM Femtocell-based network ... - Cordis


16 Jan 2012 ... 4shared.com. (13 MB). Video conference. AMR scenario 1,. 2. Table 9: Summary of traffic mix for femtocell performance using xDSL as the ...

d7.8 beyondsilos & d8.5 carewell joint final conference - Cordis


13 Mar 2017 ... 2.5.7 The human factor when deploying technology enabled integrated ... BSA Badalona Serveis Assistencials. MF. Spain. 22 Maria. Zouka.

Renewable Mobility Services in Smart Cities - Cordis - Europa


Centre for Research and Technology Hellas / Information Technologies ... Computer Technology Institute & Press “Diophantus”, Greece ... Turbo intercooler.

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27 Jul 2015 ... TECHNOLOGIKO EKPAIDEFTIKO IDRYMA ATHINAS. EL ... 2o Geniko Lykeio Pyrgou. EL. 3 Gymnasio Kalamatas. EL. Protypo Peiramatiko Gymnasio Panepistimiou Makedonias EL ... 4 Geniko Lykeio Acharnwn. EL.

Project Acronym MASTER Project Full Name Multiple ASpects ...


30 Apr 2019 ... future by the Thira Municipality. FLIGHTS ARRIVALS AND DEPARTURES. From the Santorini airport we have the aggregated data of number ...

The California Offshore Wind Project - American Jobs Project


7 Feb 2019 ... offshore wind is ready to be deployed and firms want to invest in our state, it is time to seize this ... Through engagement with a broad cross-section of stakeholders, we develop ... Chris Potter, California Ocean Protection Council ... 185 Landry Fuller, “Ride like the wind: Makani energy kite test flights in the ...

Black Sea Project Working Papers vol. V - BlackSea Research Project


18 Mar 2017 ... cluded landowners (the Zakynthians in Patra), farmers and artisans ... (1919-1925) [The Municipality of Trabzon according to the Istikbal Paper ...

Dourgouti Island Hotel Project: An Urban Dig Project


29 Mar 2018 ... of Athens, Greece, called Dourgouti. These activities offer not only cultural products but also new ways of living and experiencing the city.